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PvP, Dec 17, 10 7:01 AM.
Basically what Nashy said about PvE, I'm doing the same for PvP.
I really need to get some numbers together, so I can figure out who wants to do some rated Bg's and whatnot.

If you would like to be involved I would like for you to mail me in game, under the name Moppit.

What I need to know is when people would like to PvP, how long for and how serious they are.
I'll take a look and hopefully get lots of people involved.
So remember this:
Mail "Moppit" in game.
-State when you would like to PvP
-How long you would like to PvP in duration
-And finally, how serious you are.

Thanks for reading,
Joel (Aka Moppit)

Core Raid Recruiting

grumblz, Dec 12, 10 6:07 AM.
For anyone wanting to join the core raid group please make sure you have signed up to this site and know what is expected of you come raid time

Cataclysm is almost here!!

grumblz, Dec 2, 10 8:37 AM.
The new expansion is just around the corner so its back to questing for us all. Thankfully its only 5 levels so lets hammer them out and gear up. Guild rep will be on the agenda to gain those guild rewards and rewards will be given to our top achievers (what exactly has not been decided) so lets band together and compete with our top achievers to see who comes out on top. 

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

grumblz, Dec 1, 10 9:08 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
Honorem Ante Mortem
 (Honor Before Death)
 is a new casual raiding/leveling guild with some PVP interests.  By casual I mean that we believe that people have prior commitments and family comes first. We do however still wish to enjoy end game content and achievements so our core raid groups are still expected to maintain decent attendance, but are not penalised for trying to have a life outside of WoW. 

Maturity is a must in this guild and constant childish behaviour, rage quitting and/or abuse of privileges may see members demoted or removed from the guild.

We are still at the moment a relatively new guild and are still currently working on organising some old school raids, achievement runs and fun amusing events to avoid the occasional boring moments we all come across in our playtime and will continue working through ideas into the new expansion. 
Ranking System
We currently have 8 ranks and they are:

Trial Member - All new recruits will start off as a trial for a minimum if 3 days. These members will be promoted based on social interaction and guild participation.

Member - This rank is mainly for people who are not currently level capped. 

Honored Member - This rank is for people who have proven to be a valuable member. They have shown this in the way of being social, helping other guild members and being an active participant in general. 

BG Assassin - This rank is for people who are more pvp orientated.

Casual Raider - This rank is for people who are interested in raiding, but are waiting for a position to open up in the core raid group or enough people to create a second core group. These people will have priority over other members if anyone in the core group is unavailable. 

Core Raider - This rank makes up our main raiders. It will consist of approximately 12-14 raiders on a rotating roster. In order to be in this rank you must show good attendance with guild events/raids as well as good raid awareness, class knowledge and acceptable gear.

Officer - There are currently 2 officers in guild.
:- Moppit is our pvp officer in charge of organising pvp events and guild bg's

:- Merzavchik is our pve officer in charge of organising our fun runs and achieve runs in the pve format

Guild Master

:-  Nashy/Grumblz - in charge of organising riads and recruiting
Blackwing Descent
Recruiting all classes, but mainly looking for Tanks and Healers. Already have Priest healers so Shamans, Druids and Paladins are encouraged to apply. PVPers also needed for guild premades and rated bg's
Server Status
Thaurissan (PvP)
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